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If you work in the IT Administration or Network engineering field, you always encounter scenarios where you want to check the inventory of how many CISCO IP Phones do you have or you want to troubleshoot the Ports your phones are connected to. To overcome all this, I’ve decided to build a tool from scratch to search for all the available CISCO IP phones in the network and grab all the necessary information such as Serial Number, Model,MAC Address and the related Switch and Ports information for troubleshooting. the tool has also a cool feature where it can also include the logged in phone users in case the company/organization is using CUCM as the central communication tool.

Majed's CISCO IP Scanner

CISCO IP Scanner v1.0


  1. Search for an entire Class A network
  2. The ability to include Switch info (IP/Port-Name)
  3. Include name of Phone user (works with CUCM)
  4. Export results to Excel file
  5. Log of invalid or down hosts
  6. Remote Sync (future versions)
  7. Statistics about the scan
  8. Multi-threaded 

The current version is 1.0 / April 2019 Build

The software is provided as a Freeware. Please feel free to leave your comments in the comment box should you have any.

** Note : The software is packed and therefore some Anti-Virus software might detect it as a malware as reported by some users, this is pretty normal when the software is packed or compressed, the software is 100% clean, you can still test it in a VM environment if you feel unsafe using it in a real environment.

If you liked the app and to support me keeping it free, please consider donating !

Download Link : CISCO IP Phone Scanner v1.0 (519 downloads)

4 thoughts on “CISCO IP Phone Scanner”

  1. ck techie
    ck techie says:

    Tried it, does not work for 88oo series, replies back with zero records. Also the application right hand side looks clipped. Tried on Windows 7 and Windows 10. this is definitely in the right direction, thanks for your efforts, may need some fine tuning.

    1. Majed Khaznadar
      Majed Khaznadar says:


      Thanks for the reply, I will try to include as many phones as possible in future versions. Currently, the tool is working (reported to be working) with the following set of models:
      7941G/7941G-GE, 7942G, 7945G, 7961G/7961G-GE, 7962G, 7965G, 7970G/ 7971G-GE, 7975G, IP Communicator
      6921, 6941, 6961
      6901, 6911 [may not work with CUCM directory]
      9971, 9951, 8961,8841,8831

  2. Mostafa Khattab
    Mostafa Khattab says:

    Thanks for your help

  3. RM PF
    RM PF says:

    Hi. Thanks for the app. Only Model Reporting: 6941. Nothing reported for: 3905, 8945.

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