Building Scalable Business Automation with Microservices

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Many organizations are hampered with legacy infrastructure, monolithic application design, proprietary platforms and “untouchable” code, which has resulted from decades of outdated application development practices and over-customization of packaged software solutions. This legacy technical debt is swinging the pendulum from “buy” back to “build” for the automation of core business operations, and driving the trend towards business automation platforms that support rapid software development in-house. Although there are single-vendor business automation platforms available,many enterprises are building their own platforms that support internal application development by distributed teams rather than starting with a monolithic, proprietary product.

This paper compares monolithic and microservices-based business process automation platforms, with use cases for each platform model, plus best practices for migrating from a monolithic architecture to a best-of-breed microservices business automation platform

Building Scalable Business Automation with Microservices (17 downloads)

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