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Enterprise Application Patterns Using .NET-MAUI

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Enterprise MAUI

.NET MAUI Enterprise Patterns

Enterprise applications face a number of difficult problems to solve including ever changing business requirements, the need for quick turn around time, support for multiple platforms, and integration with multiple systems. Due to the varying nature of these problems, it’s important that our application’s architecture allows it to be modular, modifiable and extensible over time.
This book takes provides real world solutions for addressing these issues when building an enterprise application using .NET MAUI. This book uses a pre-built .NET MAUI application that serves as the front-end of an online eCommerce application as a reference and a guide for common enterprise design patterns. This book covers topics such as the MVVM pattern, dependency injection, navigation, configuration, the loose-coupling of components and additional enterprise concerns. The content of this book is helpful for anyone looking to build a new application for this business or looking to solve the problems of applications that evolve over time.

Download eBook : majed.xyz_.Enterprise-Application-Patterns-Using-.NET-MAUI.pdf (451 downloads )

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